2006 – Révision des espèces européennes du genre Boletus section Appendiculati. Bull. Soc. Mycol. Fr. 122(4), p. 353-366. Paris

Étude sur la base des caractères morpholoqiques et d’analyse des polymorphismes des fragments de restriction (PCR-RFLP)

Por: Marques, G. & Muñoz Sánchez, J.A.

Species discrimination in the genus Boletus section appendiculati is difficult due to the intraspecific variability of their morphological features. In this study, herbarium samples were examined using morphological and molecular data, namely PCR/RFLP analysis of ribosomal DNA. A high similarity of RFLP patterns was observed between B. regius and B. pseudoregius, but the other species were easily distinguished. The results show the usefulness of molecular approaches in taxonomical studies of closely related fungal species.

Key words: Basidiomycota, Boletales, PCR/RFLP, identification